Triggerpulling is back! … And it’s orange!


You may have noticed Triggerpulling has had a period of radio silence. That’s because I have been busy with some exciting stuff, including a transfer to a new employer!

After several great years consulting brands at Mood Media, I accepted a new challenge at Consumatics, a research and consultancy agency specialized in subconscious consumer behavior. I have been dubbed “Innovator”, which is a title I am honored to carry. In practice, it means I will be looking to help Consumatics grow in innovative new ways, becoming co owner in the process.

I have to be humble though, as “Innovator” in my eyes is a title one needs to earn. So at the moment I am hard at work on some very exciting new business ideas in our field. As my loyal Triggerpulling followers, you will obviously be the first to know once they hit the shelves!

I am very happy to inform you all, that Triggerpulling is back in business! With a slight twist! We have moved from a smart hue of blue to the passionate “Consumatics orange”. An indicator of a new era for Triggerpulling and myself. Don’t worry though, the visions and opinions here are still mine and mine alone.

So, a new color. But also a new focus. You are used to Triggerpulling focussing on instore media marketing. We are now broadening the scope a bit. We will be looking at consumer behavior and consumer marketing in general. Analyzing business propositions from a consumer and a business point of view, with a strong focus on subconscious consumer behavior. The things we do and feel, but cannot really explain. Triggerpulling will focus on the way brands interact with consumers.

My aim is to help businesses understand consumer perception and behavior. And vice versa, help consumers understand the way businesses approach them. Hopefully this will result in some exciting new articles!

So thank you all for you patience over the past couple of months! I am very excited about this new endeavor and I hope you are too!


Thomas van Straaten

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